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As students, we face a barrage of odds that come in the way of effective studies. Just like meditation, Studying involved adhering to a strict study plan and daily regimen that helps unlock productivity and takes a lot of discipline from the individual.

This forum is meant for all the students, irrespective of their discipline of study, their geography and their current study effectiveness.

My endeavour is to share the best practices that I have used and got paid off well, blending a holistic approach combining elements of eastern and western philosophies that makes a student good at what student does.

An effective student is one who optimizes the time available before the exam to prepare well for the upcoming exam. this optimization takes several aiding practices such as right study plan, right body and mind exercise, right food, right rest and breaks, right peaking and avoidance of a burnout.

Lets explore how we do this, remember a good student is a winner in post student life too, the discipline ingrained in the student life, helps one all though the rest of the life.

Some of the most successful people were also winning students with a clear vision.

Come with me on this journey of self-improvement if you call it. Lets make each other better, share our best practices and help fellow students who feel intrigued or overwhelmed with the daily trail and tribulations of the student life.

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